The first song Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Nat Jay ever recorded was placed in an emotional episode of a major ABC TV show, making a statement to the world that her music stood up on an international level. Continuing to create world class music since then, she has gone on to receive nearly 40 placements in film and TV on networks around the world, like MTV, Netflix, Freeform, Nickelodeon, and many more. 

Nat Jay's songs are personal to her, but relatable to many; her voice soft and measured, but powerful and dynamic. Her debut full-length album, All I Think When I Wake Up, received a nomination for Pop Album of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards and her most recent album, The Flash of a Fight, blazed through streaming platforms after two high profile placements on Netflix’s worldwide #1 hit, Tiny Pretty Things and Nickelodeon’s The Astronauts.  

Working with long-time producer Ovi, the duo shows the versatility and strength in their collaboration with Nat Jay’s recently released album, Turns Out It’s Not The End, off which her first single “Just Kids” was released September 15 and second single “Feel Sad” on October 13, 2023. Making sense of life through her songwriting, the songstress shows herself to be a skilled and thoughtful topline writer (lyrics + melody), supported by Ovi's innovative and impeccable tracks underneath. Digging into the theme of perspective throughout the album, Nat Jay puts her struggles into music form, turning pain into something beautiful and proving that hook-driven pop can be synonymous with artistic depth. Read full bio