Nat Jay is incredibly excited to share with you her new album, Turns Out It's Not The End, out TODAY on all digital platforms. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Read on to hear a message from Nat about the creation of the album...

Creating Turns Out It’s Not The End wasn’t as fun as it should have been. Like much of the world over the last few years, I was struggling mentally and physically when it came time to head into the studio, and so was my producer Ovi. My head was pounding on the day we started, and I looked at Ovi and said, “Let’s make a song that sounds the complete opposite of how we feel.” And out came the jazzy, upbeat “Slow Down.” From that moment on, we were off to the races…

Believe it or not, I had decided to walk away from music at the point of recording the album, and this was to be my final artistic output. And I did walk away, taking a job in another industry and staying out of the studio for the better part of a year. But with some time and space and thought and therapy, I came out with a new perspective and realized I wasn't finished. In fact, I feel like I'm just getting started in some ways. When I listen to these songs now, I can see the struggle I was going through, and I'm so happy it was documented on this album, so I can show myself I've come out the other side with a renewed energy and sense of purpose about where I'm supposed to be.

This feeling that I was done was freeing in the end, and actually gave us direction in the studio. We were going to do whatever we wanted with this album – get inspired by any genre and do things we’d always wanted to do. Ovi and I created an album that showcases our diverse musical backgrounds and interests, with influences from pop, jazz, r&b, hip hop, classical, disco, and more. I lived out a lifelong dream of collaborating with a rapper (Louisiana hip hop artist TY Avery), nailed a flute solo, and sampled my then-five-year-old niece.

When I came back to the studio this year, I had a restored love for the songs on Turns Out It’s Not The End – all except for one song that wasn’t connecting, which we decided to throw out. One song short of a record, I decided the album title would make a great tribute song to the journey I’d been on since creating the other songs. Written and recorded only weeks before the album’s release, it documents my relationship with music, shows the perspective I’ve gained a year on, the path I’ve chosen, and my commitment and willingness to be open to the possibilities it offers once again.

I’m so proud to share this project with you all and hope it takes you on an adventure, helping you make sense of your own path – and I hope you like it! If you do, please share it with everyone you know, as this is what helps us indie artists the most! I would also love your feedback – let me know your favourite songs and how they are meaningful in your life. 

And of course thank you all for your support over so many years – it really is so important to me and helps me find meaning in my music career.

With love + music,

Nat 💜💖🌙