Nat Jay is excited to finally announce the release of "Every Breath You Take" on streaming platforms for your listening pleasure! The single can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, or pretty much anywhere you stream or purchase music. She celebrates with the release of this special behind-the-scenes video:

Three years ago today, my cover of "Every Breath You Take" won a radio contest and I wasn't ready for it. Then I was releasing other music and kept putting things off. I'm so happy to announce that this track is FINALLY available on Spotify and Apple Music for your playlisting pleasure! 

Take a look at this awesome video, filmed and edited by Greg Gillespie, documenting the day Winston Hauschild and I recorded the song at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver with three of the city's top players, Pat Steward (drums), Darren Parris (bass), and Kevin Coles (guitar + piano).