Nat Jay wishes to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has streamed "Sleep" over the ten months as it hits 100,000 streams!! A message from Nat:

"I knew this song was special when we wrote it, but I never dreamed it would connect with so many people around the world. I wrote this song with AND for my producer Ovi, but it’s become more and more true for ME lately. The last few months have been strange ones and a lot of people have told me this song rings true for them, and so I remind you to:⠀ 
1. Breathe. Deep breaths. ⠀ 
2. Move every day. Even just a little.  
3. Focus on the things you can control. ⠀ 
I hope this helps you sleep a little better at night. Your support means the world to me and definitely helps me sleep better at night. From the bottom of my sleepy heart, thank you for listening! 😴 💤"